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If you have forgotten the password for an FTP account you created, or just want to reset it, you can easily change it in cPanel. In this guide, we will show you how to change the password for FTP accounts in cPanel.

For more information on setting up an FTP account, please see our FTP getting Started Guide.

If you are using your cPanel username for FTP, you will use your cPanel password as well. Your cPanel password can be reset in cPanel.

How to Reset Your FTP Password

Step 1. Log into cPanel.
Step 2. Select FTP Accounts under the Files section of cPanel.
Step 3. Select "Change Password" in the Actions column beside the FTP account that needs a password reset.
Step 4. Type in your new password and click "Change Password".

If you previously saved your FTP password in a FTP client or web publishing software, remember to update those settings with the new password as well.

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