Privacy Policy

The statement applies to user interaction with the registrar of the website, Hosting Chilli , which accepts the applications for registration of domain names.

Information that you provide

When you request Hosting Chilli Pty Ltd. to act as your registrar for your domain name, we request from you certain personal information. All the information that we request is compulsory in order to enable Hosting Chilli Pty Ltd. to process your application, unless otherwise clearly stated. The information that you provide must be complete, accurate and current at the time of registration. In addition to the information you provide on the request for registration, we also maintain a record of whether and when you use the information and services that we provide. We use this information in order to assess the services that we provide and to ensure that they respond to your needs and interests. We also record site traffic patterns and maintain log files of users' access to site files. Hosting Chilli Inc. also tracks user traffic patterns throughout and we use this information to compare with data about individual users. Hosting Chilli also uses cookies for keeping track of user login and session data. The information that you provide is stored on our databases. We use the information for statistical purposes such as to gauge customer's interests.

Security of Information

The information that you provide and which we receive is stored on our systems that are designed to prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration or destruction of that information. We encrypt certain sensitive information such as credit card details and passwords to ensure maximum protection.

Public Information

We maintain a WhoIs database that is accessible by any user. The information that is available includes the registered domain name and the name, email address and telephone number of the point of contact. The amount of information that is disclosed on the WhoIs database may change from time to time and we review that regularly.

Your Rights to Access and Change Information

You have the right and we encourage you to correct or change information in our records such as address and contact information. You may do this by accessing the Hosting Chilli website at: "". You can make changes at any time and as often as you need to maintain currency and accuracy of the information.

Sharing Information

To comply with our contractual obligations, we provide your domain name and the IP numbers to the appropriate registry. We provide this information to ensure that the domain name operates as a functional access on the Internet.

We also share your information, including sensitive information, with those entities that we engage to perform certain necessary functions such as managing your account. We do not share your information with other third parties except where we are obliged by court order or other request from a law enforcement authority.

Our Accountability

When you purchase our services there is a mutual obligation: for you to provide certain information and for Hosting Chilli Inc.'s to safeguard the information and to use and protect it as stated in this statement. It is Hosting Chilli Inc.'s practice to permit only those employees who are authorised to access and use your information for the purposes outlined in this statement. Furthermore, Hosting Chilli Inc.'s business partners and other authorised entities are permitted to access and use the information of our customers only for the purposes which Hosting Chilli Inc. specified and not beyond those purposes.


Insofar as they relate to the provision of these services, Hosting Chilli Inc. adopts the National Privacy Principles or such other Principles, Code or legislation that may succeed or embody them and for the present are embodied in Australian Communications Industry Forum ("ACIF") C523 - the Industry Code for the Protection of Personal Information of Telecommunications Providers.