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You can stop spam from reaching your server without having to configure Spam Assassin or filtering the emails by submitting the Spam to Spam Cop. You can copy and paste the spam email and submit it through the Website form or you can simply forward the email to Spam Cop. In some cases you cannot submit the spam through their form so you can use the forwarding method. Below are the steps to forward and submit your spam emails to Spam Cop.

IMPORTANT! Make sure the email you are sending is actually spam and not an email you opted into. If you submit spam that is not spam, you could stop the business of a legitimate company and end up being removed from Spam Cop as a user.

Steps to forward Spam email to Spam Cop

Step 1.  Log into your Spam Cop account at the following url:

If you do not have a Spam Cop account you can sign up for free on their site.

Step 2.  Once logged in you will have a specific email address to send to that associates the email with your account.

Copy the email address on their site.

Step 3.  Save the spam email to your desktop.

Step 4.  Paste the email address in the "To" of a new email message. (In this tutorial we are using Thunderbird.)
Attach the email you save to your Desktop to the new email you are writing.
You can Just say "Stop Spam" in the email as a computer reads in and not a human.

Send the email.

Step 5.  Go back to Spam Cop and click "Report Spam".

Step 6.  You will see the spam listed in the "Unreported Spam Saved" area. Click "Report Now".

Step 7.  Paste in a Canned Response similar to below stating the email is spam and why you cannot stop it.

To whom it may concern,
Please stop these spammers from emailing me.
Their subject line keeps changing.
The originating server and email address changes making it impossible to filter.
We did not opt into this and their opt out link does not work.
Please cease this spam activity.
Your First name

Click "Send Spam Report(s) Now".

You will see a confirmation stating the email was sent to the specific Hosting company that is originating the spam.

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