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If your email from your domain is hosted with Dot Easy Australia, you can check it on your Android device. With Android devices, many different email clients are available to check your email. When you first begin using your Android device, it will request you to add your Gmail account. To receive email with your Android, you can add your website email to your Gmail account. Then when you check your Gmail you will automatically check your website email as well. For more information, check out our article on accessing your website email through Gmail. With this method you are unable to send email from your website email, only from your Gmail.

However, you can also add your website email as a separate account on your Android device. This will allow you to send and receive email from your website email address instead of your GMail account. We will discuss the basic information in this article but your client may be slightly different as Android OS can be customized by your provider. These steps were written with the HTC Incredible, an Android phone, using the default client.

How to Setup your Android Device to Send/Receive Email

1. Click on the Mail icon on the front screen of your phone. If the "Mail" icon is not available on the Home Screen you can find it on the Applications screen as well.
2. On the Mail screen, click on New account
3. Select Manual setup
4. Next we will fill in your incoming server settings:

+ Email Address: This is your full email address, for example
+ Username: Here you will put in your full email address again, this is very important to use the full email address.
+ Password: This is the password for your email address. It will not necessarily be the same as your cPanel password.
+ POP Server: If your domain is pointed to us, put in (with your domain). If your domain is not pointed to us, put in your server (for example, mail.
+ Security Type: None (default)
+ Server Port: 110 (default)

5. Once you have put in your information, click "Next". Now we will fill in your outgoing server settings:

+ SMTP Server: If your domain is pointed to Dot Easy Australia server, enter (with your own domain). If your domain is not pointed to us, put in your server (for example, mail.
+ Security Type: None (default)
+ Server Port: 587 ( or port 25 however many Providers block port 25 to reduce Spam)

6. Click Next. On the final screen you can name the account what you want. You may choose "work email" or just use the actual email address. This is just a method so you can identify the account for yourself. You will also get an option to choose if this is your default email account. Once you are done, click Finish setup.

Congratulations! Your email is now set up on your Android device.

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