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If you have a website running a shopping cart or it is built with WordPress, Joomla or one of the many other content management systems it's likely you have a MySQL database.

It is important to backup a copy of your database on a regular basis, often times this is a hard lesson to learn because it is too late. Backing up your database is easy to do in PHPMyAdmin.

We'll show you how to backup your database using PHPMyAdmin and assume that you already know how to log into cPanel.

How to Backup your Database

Step 1. Once you have logged into cPanel, click on the icon "PHPMyAdmin" in the databases section.

Step 2. Select the database you wish to export by clicking on the box next to the database name.

Step 3. Click on Export in the menu at the top of the phpMySQL screen. This will bring up the options for export and also give you a confirmation of where the export is coming from.

Step 4. We are using the Quick export method. This exports the file in SQL format. If you need to select specific options for the export, then click on Custom and select your options. You should only select this if you are familiar with exporting MYSQL databases. Click on Go to complete the export.

Step 5. You will see a screen that asks where you want to save the export file. You also have the option to name the database backup file. When you save the file, make sure that it is saved to a safe location once the export is complete.

Congratulations! You have now successfully backed up your database.

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