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To connect to your account via FTP using your cPanel user credentials, you need to use the username and password for your cPanel. you can get your username by visiting the Client Area, Checking out your welcome email or by contacting our support team.

Host name

The FTP host is what your program uses to find your server. You have several options for your FTP host, and all will work the same. An example of what your host name looks like are as follows:

  • You can use your domain for the host name.
  • All domains are set up with an "FTP" sub-domain You can use the for the host as well.
  • Your server IP address: The IP is the numerical address to your server. You can use the cPanel IP address to connect as well.

Note! If your domain is not pointing to our servers yet or have recently added our DNS, you can use the Server host name or the server IP address to connect with FTP. otherwise you will get an error when trying to connect using FTP.


Connecting with the cPanel user will use your cPanel username. This is the Username found in your Client Area Technical Details as well as your Welcome Email.


Your FTP password is also be your cPanel 's password.


This is the port you connect to your server through. For standard FTP you will use port 21.


The main directory for your domain will be public_html also www. If you are using the cPanel username, you will use "public_html"  if your program requires a directory to be specified.

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